Hey, What's Going On Updates

- by Blackwind

Given the Nature of the show and the people running it. Hey! Whats going on will only run if there has been a new episode that week, and if I can find a stream of it before the show. 

Thanks for understanding

Lunar Echoes Return

- by Lazy Chords

Hey everypony!  

Lunar Echoes is coming back on every Friday night at 8pm!  But sadly  Clockwork will no longer be joining us due to his passing last month.  So, on Friday the episode will be commemorating him and our best memories of our friend, stories, and plans for the future of Lunar Echoes. 

So please join us for our farwell to Clockwork and looking forward to greater adventures on the podcast.

Hey, What's Going On is coming back.

- by Blackwind

Hey guys, sorry about the super long hiatus, but given the circumstances I really can't say I would have been able to produce content for this obscenely long hiatus of ours. HOWEVER, now the the show is starting up again, I will be starting HWGO again, in the same time slot. 

Though at this time the current lack of co-hosts. The only one of the old crew that is remaining is our Mad Scientist. We will give that a shot for a few weeks and if I find it lack luster I will be attempting to find other people to join in on the show, whether it be guest hosts, or interviews. I will try to give you guys the best content I can.